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February 21, 2017

Hello, I am Faye.  I am the Co-Owner, President and CEO of Inspired Creations Publishing Company LLC. Who would have thought after working for what seemed to be a lifetime, that I would start my own business! I think what brought me to the decision of starting a publishing company was the fact that I am also Publisher and Editor of Faith Unlimited e-magazine, an online Christian magazine that has been in circulation on the internet for almost three years, and I have simply loved designing the pages, working with the writers, and building ads for many people without getting tired of the daily work!  

I have my MBA through the University of Phoenix, who seemed to believe in me more than I believed in myself! But that has changed!  I can't express the excitement of starting this new company! I worked for a local newspaper, and my first job in the publishing business was as a proof reader!  So I feel I am ready and I can honestly say,  to start this publishing company is a dream come true! Have you ever dreamed about working at something you love rather than just at an 8-5 job? I did that for many years. Now it is time to serve all of my customers with the best possible service that I can! Your satisfaction is my desire! I want to make your publishing experience a great one to remember!  

Check out our latest free magazine to see all the graphics at:

https://issuu.com/fayeghanshew/docs/1-faith_unlimited_-_march__2017-2_c11754aeafa11f ... I hope you will enjoy it!  And hey, "Got an idea? Write it in a book!"  Then let me help you share it with the world!

Our Second Blog Entry

March, 2017

Dr. Bill Hanshew, is the Co-Owner, Vice-President, and CTO of Inspired Creations Publishing Company LLC. He is Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Faith Unlimited e-Magazine. Dr. Bill is also an author and developer of the online teaching concept through World Bible School webinars, which includes 6 free weekly broadcasts.


More books must be written today, whether they are in paperback, hardback or even in an e-book format for Kindle. Books have been a focal point of learning and educating people for thousands of years and more. I can remember in my childhood how inspiring a good book was. And even as an adult, a really good book is hard to put down!

Today, there are many books which are on the market that come in many shapes, sizes and formats. But can you imagine if there were no books at all? Just because we are in an electronic age, does not mean that you should stop writing. Only that you should continue to write really good books, which captivate your audience. So, the next really good book that you see in print, could be the very next book you write!

Our Latest Blog Entry

April, 2017

Hi, Faye here!  I hope you are doing great at starting your best seller for 2017!  Many people who think their book will never go anywhere end up having one of the best selling books on the market!  If you have anything in your heart telling you to write a book, just do the hardest part first, and that is "GET STARTED!"  After this step you will see that the rest will just flow out of you.  Sure, editing will need to be done, but I'm sure you will be very happy once you have your book completed.  Contact me today if I can be of any assistance to you!


Our Latest Blog Entry

May, 2017